Almost everyone in photography who knows enough to answer this question shoots in the RAW file format. Here’s the thing about RAW files: They don’t apply the picture style settings to the photos, they simply take the raw data from the camera and put it into an uncompressed file. The white balance isn’t even set on them until after you do so in post. RAW files have MANY, MANY advantages, with the only disadvantage being that they take up more card space. But with the low cost of memory today, even that isn’t really a weakness. The best format to shoot in if you intend to edit the photos is RAW.

I was surprised to find out that some photographers didn’t know that they can download extra picture profiles and install them. I’d like to share my vault of Canon Picture Styles. Canon Picture Styles are customizable presets built into the camera that applies in-camera processing to your photos. Think of Picture Styles as in-camera Photoshopping of your photos. Each Canon DSLR comes with either six or seven picture styles installed from the factory plus space for three user-defined picture styles.

Canon Picture style for wedding

My Portrait picture styles are great for weddings and other portrait photoshoots

canon jpeg picture style
Canon picture style for Wedding & Portrait

Film tone Canon picture styles a great for memorable moments:



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