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Category: Tutorials

Canon Picture Styles for Wedding photography
May 12, 2023

As a wedding photographer, you know how important it is to capture the perfect shot every time. With so many variables to consider, from lighting to composition, it can be a real challenge to get everything just right. Fortunately, LeHung’s Canon picture styles offer a simple and effective solution that can save you time and […]

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Sony Picture Profile for Portrait, fix green tint
December 23, 2022

Sony delivers many prosumer cameras in the photography industry, these cameras do have one notorious drawback that has given them somewhat of a negative reputation in the community, there seems to be an apparent green tint showing in the captured image. That’s why Le Hung Photography spent years producing Sony Picture Profile for Portrait, to […]

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Capture One - Lightroom layout workspace [Free]
March 19, 2022

If you have just moved from Lightroom to Capture One, you might not be familiar with Capture One default layout, and finding a simple layout like Lightroom, you can download and use my layout for free All most-used tools of Capture One are in the same tab (Star icon) as the classic Lightroom does How […]

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Download Free Nikon Picture Profile (Picture Controls)
December 27, 2021

Nikon has their own picture profile system called “Nikon Picture Control”. Just like Canon’s picture styles, you can install them on the camera to get the settings. But the Nikon’s Picture Control Utility 2 software does not give us many tools to build a real color profile. I’ve tried to do some edits with their […]

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Film simulation for Canon cameras
November 24, 2021

Film-like colors straight out of your Canon camera. Picture Styles are carefully modeled after the most famous Film trending. Can Canon shoot Film colors? The answer is yes. You can do it for along time ago, but not everyone know it. Canon gives you “Picture Style Editor” with many tools to build your own Film […]

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Download BNW - FREE picture styles for Canon camera
November 22, 2021

This is the first time we give away a picture style for Canon. You should download it before it fades 😉 BNW picture style gives you a moody black and white tone to your images. Picture Styles are applied to JPEG (still) and MOV (video) files during exposure. No post-processing color grading needed.

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Canon picture styles Film look - Turn your Canon camera to a Fujifilm
November 22, 2021

Nowadays, Fujifilm brings the film look trend comeback. They can shoot JPEG with various build-in filters. Can Canon cameras do the same? The answer is yes. You can do it for along time ago, but not everyone know it. Canon gives you “Picture Style Editor” with many tools to build your own Film look styles […]

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Download Canon Picture style for wedding
November 15, 2021

Almost everyone in photography who knows enough to answer this question shoots in the RAW file format. Here’s the thing about RAW files: They don’t apply the picture style settings to the photos, they simply take the raw data from the camera and put it into an uncompressed file. The white balance isn’t even set […]

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